Everyone deserves to be treated the same, regardless of who you are, or who you are related to, or where you work, or your financial or social status.  Jeff guarantees he will be an unbiased and objective Justice of the Peace. He remains committed to upholding the Constitutions of the United States and Montana. Over the years, he has passionately directed others do the same.



Forty years of experience have provided Jeff with a thorough understanding of the law and judicial system. They have also given him an opportunity to establish long-term and effective working relationships with public officials whom he would continue serve alongside as Justice of the Peace.


Commitment to Custer County

Twenty-three years ago, Jeff moved to Montana to be closer to his aging parents and to work for the Montana Department of Justice as a criminal investigator. Sixteen years ago, he moved to Miles City to serve as supervisory criminal investigator. “Moving to Miles City was like putting on a favorite pair of jeans. It just felt right.” 

  Downtown Miles City, MT 1960's

Downtown Miles City, MT 1960's