“It has always been my job to protect the rights of individual citizens in Montana, including the accused, while at the same time protecting the shared interests of us all.” 



Jeff has served as a peace officer since June 1978, and for 37 of those years as a criminal investigator. 

Combined experience of 25 years as a supervisor with multiple law enforcement agencies. 

Worked with Child and Family Services to develop a consistent and timely response to drug-endangered children, making it a priority in his daily work by identifying, investigating, and rescuing children exposed to dangerous drugs.

Over 20 years as a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. He has designed and delivered course material on search warrants and probable cause and taught the classes to county attorneys and law enforcement officers all over the state of Montana. He has also taught classes in Alaska and South Dakota and his classes were certified for instruction in North Dakota and Wyoming.

Volunteered his time and effort as an instructor of Hunters Education for 16 years.


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  Yellowstone Bridge near Miles City, MT 1930's

Yellowstone Bridge near Miles City, MT 1930's